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  1. So im 24, trying to start the process for nursing school. i went to community college right after highschool just because i had to go to college and i decided i had no idea what i wanted to do so i took about five years off from school to try and figure out what i wanted to do with my life. i had a 2.7 gpa and took about 26 or 27 credits. last spring i went back to the same community college and took 4 classes just to take them and didnt do very well. i dont even know what my final grades were. then fall 2012 i went to a state school and took four classes towards pre nursing and have a 2.7 gpa (thanks to statistics or i would have a 3.3, ugh) from there as well. i took a few classes twice between the two schools to try and get better grades but ended up hating the state school and will now be going back to the community college this upcoming fall to try and get my gpa up and then apply to several different nursing programs for spring 2014. i finally know what i want to do and have a serious life plan and everything is falling into place. im just scared that with my history of being in and out of school and not knowing what my cumulative gpa is im going to have a hard time getting into a serious nursing program. does anyone think i will/will not have problems with this? im just really scared that my indecisive past is going to hinder my chances of finally moving forward in a career that i so desperately want ya know? any input from you guys would be great, ive been reading so much on these message boards and its really helped me so far. thanks in advance!
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    You have a few options. Retake all the classes you didn't do good in to higher your gpa, but since it is a different major this is probably not your best option. Find a BSN program that only looks at prereq gpa, which is pretty hard to find. Or you can try to get into an ADN program because most only look at prereq gpa. Either way you need to have high prereq gpa to get in. I had a different major at first and my cumulative gpa is only a 3.1, which wont get me into any BSN programs near me. So I decided I was just going to go the ADN route and so far my prereq gpa is a 3.6, which gives me a chance.