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  1. Does anyone know of any colleges where you can take a short term a and p 2 class in Mississippi or online??
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  3. by   203bravo
    short of the condensed summer terms I am not aware of any shortened A&P classes in MS. You need to make sure to check with the program that you are interested in attending to make sure they will accept an online a&p course.. I'm in the delta and all the programs around me would accept the lecture but required the lab to be taken live. If this is the case then you would be in a catch 22 since the lab would run the entire semester.

    Best of luck
  4. by   swansonplace
    Check your local school. My school has an online affiliation to many of the other schools in the area. So we can opt to take many more classes at other colleges by using this online system.

    Also, my school had independent study. I would just read the book, and then go in for the test which were monitored. You can set your own pace, I finished my class in a couple of weeks. Not sure how that would work with the labs.

    Not sure if you can test out of a & p. By that I mean you study at home, and just go in for the test to prove you have knowledge. (clep)
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