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Pre-Nursing student need help!!

  1. 0 Hopefully someone can help me and I dont confuse anyone with this question... sorry if i do

    Basically I am at a community college and i am 2 semesters away from receiving my ASN and will transfer into a 4year to obtain BSN. I wanted to know do i still have to take the teas even with an ASN, question number two should i take the NCLEX after graduating from a community college, if not when is the best time to take it.
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    It depends on the school you are transferring to. Some RN to BSN programs may require the TEAS but others do need to inquire with the admissions office at the nursing school you wish to transfer to for the most valid information
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    Thank you so much for your advice and i will be sure to so. Also do you think i should take my NCLEX to become a RN after i graduate from community college and recieve ASN or after i receive BSN
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    Usually you need to have an active RN license to bridge from ASN/RN to BSN. So you likely need to take/pass the NCLEX and earn your RN license as an admission requirement to the BSN completion program.
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    Ok Sounds great... Thank you again tremendously, for giving me some clarity, As i have just changed my career choice from becoming a nutritionist to a nurse. I just want to make sure i am taking the right steps.