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Pre- Nursing Student can't get into BSN nursing program

  1. 0 I am a transfer student, but the school i just transferred to just denied me from being in their nursing program. I am in the state of Louisiana. I really want to be a nurse and if I have to start as a ASN first I will. The trouble is getting into a nursing program. My TEAS test is low, I failed two classes my sophomore year and I have 89 hours. I have to have a degree to stay at the school, but I do not want to change my major. Can someone enlighten me on the steps to take because my nursing GPA is 2.9 but everyone I try to talk to has closed the door on me SOMEONE PLEASE HELP if I could go somewhere in the spring time I will I have already did applications at different schools just to see what they say. I know I am not the only one out there that is going through this so could someone please help me
    PS: where in the northern part of Louisiana can I retake my TEAS Test
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    I know nothing of TEAS testing since we don't have to take that for my nursing program entrance. If you got a 2.9GPA, you at least got one or more C's in one science class. I suggest you retake all the classes you got C's in. This will boost your chance in getting in a college that is GPA admission based only. Other than that, try applying to other colleges without TEAS entry
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    ULM? Just curious.

    If you haven't already, and if you can afford it, apply at some of the schools in South Arkansas. UAM is supposed to be a great program, as is SAU. Both are within driving distance of Northern LA, depending on where exactly you are. I would recommend retaking the classes you got Cs in and trying to bring your grades up. BSN programs are competitive.

    Also, sending PM.