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    I am taking my prereqs at CCP right now, I wanted to know if anyone is applying to University Of Penn, Villanova, Temple, Jefferson, Drexel? any of those schools and if so did you have all of you prereqs to transfer? I am asking because every school is different and I have some prereqs for some schools and not others and I want to apply anyway.

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    I suggest going to CCP's transfer center. They have every area's nursing program and what courses transfer into each nursing program; they pretty much update it when the schools make changes.
    I had all my prereq's for Widner, West Chester, Drexel, and LaSalle; I narrowed it down to Drexel and LaSalle, and went to LaSalle because I worked during the week, and they had a part-time program that was a good fit for me and still was within two years to complete.

    I utilized the transfer center when I was looking into area schools; it helped tremendously; I had to take two university requirements, but had the majority of my classes and was accepted into the program. I graduated last year.
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    congrats on lasalle, and yeah I will look into that

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