Pharmacology and Pathophysiology online?

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    Hello! im so glad I ran into this site WHEW...
    Ok i'm applying for UTMB's generic nursing program and apparently they require Pharm and Path as new requirements. I have yet to complete either :/ I would like to take them both this summer but when I look at community colleges they only offer these classes to current nursing students.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to take these two classes with out nursing prerequistes?

    Thanks for Reading!

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    Moorpark cc and Woodland cc. Both are in California and are offered online and in person. Patho does require Anat and Physio as pre-reqs
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    Awesome! thank you very much, ill def be looking into that school. Thankfully I have all the standard prerequsites complete such as a&p1&2,micro, chem... But some schools were asking for physics and med term as requisites for pharm and path
    Sooo thanx for the help.
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    DCCCD (El Centro specifically) offers these classes online... I will hopefully be taking these over the summer! I think you do need to have A&P I completed but you already have that so there ya go! Tuition is a steal there too!
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    CCCOnline offers pharm and Path classes as well!
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    i'm on the same boat as you are! what i'm wondering is, are taking these two courses online hard? i'm taking interpersonal communication and lifespan development online and it is a lot more work than i anticipated.
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    I imagine so, it's def at your own pace though so thats the good part and not having the prereqs is a time saver. Its all about motivation! we can do this tamosaur lol. If you think it will be too much i would def consider not taking them simultaneously. best of wishes!!!!

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