Pharm over the summer?

  1. Is anyone else doing this? I had someone tell me today they are taking it right now this spring semester and its overwhelming. Not to mention taking it in a shorter amount of time over the summer. I'm also taking dev. Psych with it. Am I insane?
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  3. by   kickstunt
    Only you know your limits. Are you good with managing time?
  4. by   SopranoKris
    Having just finished Pharm last semester, I can honestly say that I could not imagine trying to take it in a condensed, summer semester! The shear volume of required reading in a regular semester ate up so much of my study time (not to mention prepping for quizzes & tests). I took 6 classes (17 credits) last semester and it was hectic trying to stay on top of it all. I still managed a 4.0, but it was a struggle to do it!

    You, and only you, know what you're capable of doing. I would say that Pharm ate up 12 to 16 hours per week of study time. In a condensed semester, it's going to be even greater. So, think long & hard about what you can realistically do. If you're trying to keep your grades competitive, and you don't have much free time, you might want to hold off until Fall. If you've got the time to devote to it, then go for it. Just know that you're going to be working your tail off all summer!!
  5. by   Shorty11
    Only you can really answer the question of the amount you can handle! I personally thought Pharm wasn't so bad.. Heck, I actually really liked it! It came easy to me and who knows, maybe it will to you too! I spent about 10 hours a week studying & reading for it. I took it during the Fall and made a 94 for the semester. As long as you keep up with the reading and plan out a study schedule, I think it is doable. Summer courses are compact, of course, so keep in mind that you will be expected to know the same amount in less time. Planning out study time is so much more important with time constraints in place. Good luck!
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  6. by   SaraMC
    I would take it over the fall but if I want to have all my pre Reqs completed so when they look at my application they see I just completed them all, then I have to take it over the summer. I've taken extra days off from work through the summer just to have extra time to study because I know it's going to be tough but I gotta do it. :-)