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    Hey everyone!
    I don't know if this topic was already posted but here we go. I start to apply to nursing school very soon. I was going over the nursing package and it says that I need two letters of recommendations. This is exactly what is stated "Submit two references using the enclosed forms.The academic form must be filled out by a college instructor, not a high school teacher. The personal reference form should be filled out by someone who has known you for at least one year and is not a relative". I have no job or never held one and the volunteer work I have done is old and I'm sure they don't remember me. I can use my A&p teacher for the academic but I don't know who to use for the personal. Can I use another college professor as a personal? or Can I use a family friend? HELP!!

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    Personal can be a friend. Someone who knows you pretty well and can attest to your strengths and weaknesses.

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