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  1. 1 Has anyone taken the PAX-RN recently? If so, can you give me some insight about the test? How did you study? What was your composite and percentile rank? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    i just recently took the pax rn earlier this month. i studied the nl review guide. however i did get my book in january and i began studying in january. i would study and take the practice tests here and there. i waited until the week before i was scheduled to take the test and then i started doing the comprehensive tests and timing myself. i tried to make sure i scored above average which is around the 120's. fortunately, i scored a 135 for my composite score and my overall percentile score was 94. so if you prepare yourself you too can do quite well!!! good luck!!!
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    I took the exam about a month ago:

    52 of 60 verbal
    37 of 40 math
    52 of 60 science
    Composite score: 153
    Composite percentile score: 99

    Study guide, study guide, study guide . . .

    also see this thread:

    Nln study guide vs real test - Nursing for Nurses

    Good luck
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    Hello Treetop,
    With a composite score like that & if your gpa is at least a 3.9 then I can assure you that you got in!!

    Just stay positive and all is well!!!