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There is not a lot of discussion about OHSU Accelerated Bachelors to Masters out there. I have been accepted to the Midwifery program that starts Summer 2010. I wanted to know if there are any... Read More

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    Look for volunteer doula programs - then you can start right away and not have to be certified or anything (just usually go through a training with the volunteer program and have a free schedule where you can attend births). I wish I could give you info about volunteer program locations, but unfortunately i only know of the one i was a part of in San Diego.

    Everyone else that is going to OHSU - have you heard anything from financial aid? I am wondering if I should be doing something now like looking for loans or something? I really have no idea how this whole financing grad school works? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!

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    Grad school financial aid is pretty much the same as undergraduate, only with different amounts allowed for subsidized loans if you qualify for them. Fill out your FAFSA and you should be good to go as far as loans are concerned. I would talk to the financial aid office at your school to see if you qualify for fellowships or anything like that.
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    For the newbies coming to PDX, check out city-data.com for any/all questions you may have! great site! congrats and good luck!

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