ODU Nursing School VS Sentara Nursing

  1. Can anyone give me feedback on the admissions and/or program of Nursing from ODU? I am torn between applying to Sentara and ODU and not sure which to consider. One thing about Sentara I do not like is how the deadline to apply and the start date are SO far apart...

    Please let me know!!
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  3. by   sdlane
    I never went to either school but, have family and friends over that way and both schools are great, from what I here. ODU 94% pass rate Sentara 92%. Hope that helps.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Sentara has a big advantage over ODU in that Sentara hospitals give hiring preference to their own graduates--they don't guarantee you a job but they do like their own grads. Sentara also has a lot more clinical time than ODU or many other nursing programs because Sentara owns most of the hospitals--it's easy for them to secure clinical placements--and they encourage their students to be very hands-on

    On the other hand, ODU is already accredited by CCNE. Sentara's new BSN program is a candidate for CCNE accreditation but has not yet received it...so you do take a chance that they may not receive accreditation.

    Both Sentara and ODU are excellent nursing programs, and IMO you wouldn't lose no matter which program you chose.

    Best of luck whatever you decide!
  5. by   Ahhphoey
    I have not attended either school either, but I am a Sentara employee (I'm not biased...no really, I'm not) who works in education/staff development. I coordinate orientation for all new nurses on the units I cover so I've encountered graduates of both programs and like the previous poster mentioned, both are good. I do think Sentara offers a bit of an advantage when it comes to clinical experience (all clinicals are of course at Sentara hospitals and Sentara students are the only ones who get training and access to the computer charting system). They also offer a few other experiences that are open only to Sentara students. Plus, you're almost sure to get hired somewhere within the Sentara system as a graduate of that program.

    However, ODU's program is also very well established and respected, and does an awesome job of preparing their students to be effective new grads. If its a BSN you're after, ODU's program has been around longer than Sentara's BSN program which has not even graduated its first class yet (though the Sentara's school of nursing has been around over 100 years).

    I would honestly recommend applying to both because one or the other may have a waiting list anyway which would make your decision a whole lot easier.
  6. by   Fina11yKym
    ODU is AMAZING =) I haven't attended there in years but when I was there I had a good experiance. I am not sure if others had said this or not but Sentara will pay for some of your schooling-if you get an A they pay 75%, a B you get 50% etc, but I believe you have to give them back years of service ( so say you attneded class for years - you know owe Sentara 2 years of employment- I read it on their website somewhere. =) I think you should apply to both programs- like the person above me stated- You may not get into one, you may be weightlisted or you may get into both and then have to make a decision =) I am getting ready to move back down to Hampton Roads and I am looking into both programs as well =) I am leaning more towards ODU since it has been around longer...but then again Sentara may give you more of a hands-on approach since it is a hospital and its clinicals are more...available? I am not sure if that is the correct terminology. =) This post probably hasn't helped you at all.

    Good Luck!