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I have just decided to go back to obtain an Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN. My Bachelors is in Government so I only need to take the science courses. 6 courses in total. However, I need to take those classes starting yesterday in... Read More

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    Quote from melc0305
    Sorry to hijack your thread but I am in the same boat and have a question... I also have a Bachelor's degree and am going for an Accelerated BSN. When I filled out the FAFSA it came back with $0 eligible with the reason that I already had a BA. I'm wondering if I filled out something wrong. Do you remember if you indicated your nursing program as a graduate program or a Bachelor program? That's the only thing I can think of. Thanks!
    I believe when I filled out my fafsa, I was looking into an Entry level masters program...so I think that's why I was eligible for 20k... You may not be eligible for student loans but if you talk to your programs financial aid dept, I'm sure they have very good financing options. The bummer is that sometimes with private financing, even for school, you will have to start making pymts right away. That was my situation if I went the ABSN route. Thats why I'm going the ADN route because I can pay as I go. (the ELM program in my area is $100K, no thanks! Lol!) Def talk to your programs financial aid dept though, they see this all the time and they might have more options for you. Good luck!!

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    I am also a second degree student and I am being denied left and right for loans. I am taking them at a CC and paying for them out of pocket (1000 or so a semester) my school allows split payment plans as well. I am totally able to pay this working part time. I asked the office what are people in my situation supposed to do? And she said you pretty much have to pay out of pocket. As far as what happens when I get to nursing school, I'm gonna need the funding as well. Still trying to figure that one out.
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    I am a second degree student as well. For aid that is not a loan, we are ineligible but you should be able to get a loan. I had no choice but to take out a loan for pre-req's.
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    @ melc0305: When I filled the FAFSA out the first time, I selected the option for entry-level masters. However, after talking to the aid offices for the programs, they said to select the option for "5th yr/other undergrad" and then to select 2nd Bachelor's degree. That changed the amount that I was able to borrow. When I selected Masters, it said $20k, but after that update my loan eligibility was lowered to $12,500k, so there is a difference. Did you use up your maximum amount of loans for undergrad when you were getting your first BA? I think undergrad is only eligible for up to $43K or something close to it, no matter if it's first or second degree.
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    Quote from allycat77
    Wow, those are some cheap credits, even for CC! OP I don't think you would be a "guest" student. You would apply for admittance 1st to a CC, I can't imagine they would let you take the class any other way. Science courses often have additional fees tacked on top of the regular tuition. So keep that in mind. You are probably best off making a trip to your local CC, and talking to a fin aid counselor. I see what you mean about wanting to pay for your pre-reqs without the loan, but if you can use it at both schools, $20k is &20k, right?
    Also a $ saving tip, look for international editions of your textbooks. I have save a lot of $ this way.
    Just an update....I figured it out! It took some doing, but I finally got it done.....enrolled in a local cc, but the only way for me to qualify for federal loans was to declare into an AS program. (Now of course I have no intention of actually finishing theAS program but the govt will only lend you money if they can see what it is that you're working towards...eh, works for me.) Lucky for me, the cc that I'm attending has an actual Liberal Arts: Pre-Nursing Option major that is pretty much comprised of exactly the classes I need to take. Unfortunately, I figured all of this out about a month too late, so I can only take 2 pre-req classes this semester instead of the four I wanted, but I have a plan to make up for that, so I'm hopeful! Thanks again for the advice folks!

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