Nursing student grants

  1. I am planning on moving to Oahu, Hawaii to attend Hawaii Pacific university. My parents shave graciously agreed to pay my tuition, but I will be paying my living expenses. I will be moving with my fiance, so I cannot live on campus. I have heard others strongly suggest against working during nursing school, so I am a little stumped on how nursing students support themselves during this time? I have heard of stipend grants, but cant find any information about them on the internet. does anyone have any information or advice? Im very, very worried about this!
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  3. by   leenak
    Did you apply for financial aid through your school? Fill out a FAFSA?

    When I applied to college, I was offered non-specific grants, scholarships and loans through the financial aid office. I'd definitely talk to your university's financial aid office. You can also check the Hawaii board of nursing website to see if they have any information on state grants/scholarships.
  4. by   sillypuddy143
    I do work, and take out loans as well. You can work if you have to, you just need to find a job that's willing to work around your school schedule if you can. Apply for scholarships/grants.. and take the remaining out in loans.

    Good luck!