Nursing Programs that offer WUE tuition

  1. Can anyone tell me regular or accelerated/2nd degree nursing programs that offer WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) tuition rates? So far it seems a lot of schools exclude nursing- I'd appreciate info on any that don't!
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  3. by   want2banurse35
    yes I think nursing is excluded from the program
  4. by   LindsayLu
    There might be. I used their search tool on their website: WICHE - Student Exchange Programs. Choose BS > health care professions > nursing. It came out with a long list of schools. So, I think there are schools that include nursing in this.

    However, I don't know which of the schools offer a second-degree BSN, so you'll have to do some research into the schools you're interested in. I'm from North Dakota, and I know that UND offers an accelerated second-degree program, and it's on the list. It's good to check policies, too, to make sure that they offer the rate to second-degree students.

    I'm also looking for a second-degree program, so I'm hoping to find this out, too. I'll let you know if I find any more out about specific programs, and I'll be interested to see if you find any, as well.
  5. by   legoac
    Woo, looks like I didn't do my research well, I missed that search tool! Definitely let me know, I might start emailing and seeing if I can get the info from programs that are on the list and offer a 2nd degree option, if so I'll let you know what I find as well. I do know that my home state school (University of New Mexico) accepts WICHE students, but that doesn't help ME much! I'll definitely have to put UND on my list of potentials.
  6. by   LindsayLu
    It's not looking too good. From what I can tell, a lot of schools require that you be pursuing your first bachelor's degree. I checked UND's site again, and it doesn't really specify though. Some schools refer to it as a scholarship you can get (with a requirement being that you're a freshman), and others (like UND) just list it along with resident and nonresident tuition. So confusing! It's probably good that you might e-mail some of them because this kind of thing is so hard to figure out from the websites.