Nursing program Interview Help!

  1. Hi I have an interview coming for the nursing program. They have reviewed my application and now want an interview. Any suggestions on how do I prepare for the interview, the expectations, what to bring/wear, and questions I should ask. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   samiam856
    What school?
  4. by   nfleurant
    East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania!
  5. by   samiam856
    try googling'd be surprised what previous interview candidates post. and good luck....practice answering questions with someone. Have them ask you random questions-that way you can practice quick thinking. It's almost impossible to know what questions they will ask you but if you can practice becoming a quick thinker it can help. Make sure you have a solid answer for why you want to be a nurse, and if there's anything in your application that may need to be explained, practice explaining. Let me know how it goes

    Wear business professional clothes....better to be over dressed than under. bring a copy of anything they asked for, and maybe your resume and a pen and paper in case you need to write anything. Don't chew gum, don't bring your cell phone, etc.
  6. by   nfleurant
    Good advice! Thanks yea I will google and see! Its this thursday the 16th i'll keep you posted!
  7. by   nfleurant
    Hi, sorry for the late reply! The interview went great, they did not ask me as much questions as I thought! The only major thing they ask was why I want to be a nurse and my study habits. The rest was casual talk and looking at my potential nursing course schedule!