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Greetings! I'm facing the dilemma of possibly trying to transfer to UCLA and pursue a Bsn or transfer to USC while pursuing a different major. USC have been my dream school since my junior year of... Read More

  1. by   imtoonice
    I grew up in Los Angeles. I personally know a handful of individuals who regret attending USC/UCLA/Cal for it's "prestige," especially when their main goal was to get a nursing degree anyways. Even if you graduate from one of those schools, earning a degree in communication/gender studies/anthropology/psychology or similar will not land you a decent salary to pay back your student loan debt - a fact. Some of these individuals successfully entered into ABSN/ELMSN programs whereas other individuals are struggling and limited with a "useless" degree and low GPA from their very prestigious school. My advice to you? Do it right the first time around.
  2. by   cleback
    Quote from petersalazar
    Apparently I'm talking to adults that hardly cared for sports and what it can do for you outside of academics.
    Yes, because none of us had any aspirations or interests outside of nursing. That's why we're encouraging you not to take on crushing debt--er, crushing self investment.

    Adjust the attitude please.
  3. by   petersalazar
    Woah now I have a better understanding of how debt could hinder me in the long run. Indeed it probably wouldn't make sense if I pursue premed at USC when I could do that elsewhere for a much cheaper price while still getting quality education. Don't get me wrong, nursing is a career I would love to do despite its cons. Only thing that's in the way is USCs football program. The atmosphere and the school spirit is welcoming. Maybe when I pursue a masters I'll be able to go there or in the next life... Thanks again everyone!
  4. by   petersalazar
    I'm sorry lady! I felt the urge to protect my aspirations and such. I apologize for that. I really appreciate your concern. It's a lot of info to take in let alone the emotional distress by the thought of giving up my other aspirations. This is something I must speak to a counselor about because I am aware that nursing and football may not go together. I'll give an update on this Monday once I see a counselor. Thanks all! It means a lot
  5. by   ThatBigGuy
    FWIW, I put nursing school on hold in order to play college basketball. It was the best decision I ever made.

    That being said, I limited my choices of basketball and nursing schools to places I could afford, rather than ones based on prestige and historical hoops significance. Did I miss out on playing at Duke? Sure, but I also don't have $200,000 in debt.

    In choosing wisely, gaining partial athletic and academic scholarships, and working during the summers, I was able to play hoops and then get my BSN for about $30,000 in student loans.

    You're young and have plenty of time to pursue football and then a BSN. Just don't pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so.
  6. by   petersalazar
    Woah that's very interesting! Your story gives me hope. That totally helped shift my perspective. After reading these helpful comments by everyone on this thread I must say I'm definitely not comfortable being in debt. Unless if I were to earn an athletic scholarship midway but then again that isn't a guarantee. I feel more relieved than ever. I'll consider that. And thanks again kind person (-: and everyone else (-: