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My question is that I will graduate in spring 2016 with my BSN. I started college in fall 2011 and this basically means it will take me 5 years to do a 4 year degree.. although I've read that it... Read More

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    Quote from MsMarvel2013
    Psychology minor that sounds awesome. One of my nursing teachers has the credentials CCM for Certified Case Manager, having this minor may give you a firm foot hold for that if it interests you.
    A psychology minor would in no way give a nurse a leg up in Case Management (Nurse Case Management is very, very different from the type of Case Management that Social Workers do, which psychology may be relevant to) nor would it help him/her to obtain the CCM. Nurse Case Managers must have very specific experience and very specific qualifications before they can even take the CCM.

    The vast majority of nurses do not have minors. My program offered only three electives over the course of 4 years. I had more electives than most people because I tested out of my math requirement with AP Calculus and fulfilled a social science requirement with a night class taken elsewhere and I still didn't have a minor.

    Having a minor won't ever hurt you if it's something you choose to pursue... but it's unlikely to really help you once you get into professional nursing either.

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    Well my school in well known for filling our curriculum with fluff and I figured I might as well make the best of it.
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    I plan to get a minor in Psychology from the local University as soon as I finish my pre-reqs at the CC for the ADN program I am applying to. At the University, it's only 4 more Psychology classes and I'll walk away with a minor. I'm doing this because my goal is to go back after I get my degree in nursing and get my bachelor's in Psychology, and possibly go higher than that one day. I plan to do Psychiatric Nursing (I actually want to be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner one day), so I think for me this will be beneficial as I begin to work my way up the nursing ladder.

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