Nursing Job in 2014

  1. Im switching to Bsn, after completing the majority of course work for my accounting. Right now I'm an insurance agent & I'm starting to hate being stuck in an office. I'm worried about nursing jobs being available in 2014( That's when I graduate), I live in Amarillo,Tx, but would love to move to either Dallas,Tx or Houston,Tx once I graduate. I am switching from accounting , because I couldn't see myself happy, but I'm worried about finding a job.
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  3. by   2011NursingStudent
    I'm switching from IT/Network Admin - just like accounting and IT, the jobs go up and down. One year we've been in high demand, the next not so much. I really think in 2014 things will have picked up, this rut has dragged on for quite a while and is showing signs of picking up. I watch the market all the time, Dow has been going nicely up - market up = jobs up = people with insurance up... the one thing that could derail it is high interest rates, but the rates went down again just last week. So I really see a positive outlook in the next few years.
  4. by   krenrs2b
    I am switching from the Mortgage Industry.
    I wish us all much success!
  5. by   iPink
    I have an IT & Informatics degree. I will be starting my accelerated BSN program in a week. Right now look into either ABSN or ADN programs. I'm in the NW and a couple of us have already talked about possibly moving to TX after graduation since that's where the jobs are. We gradate in 2012, so we'll see how the economy is at that time.

    My advice, work on school and don't worry about the job situation right now since your prospective graduation date is in 2014.
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  6. by   weluv3
    Yep, I'm with you, I'll probably be done in late 2014/early 2015....
  7. by   ldones05
    we are in the same boat I was about to be a Junior in Business Marketing. Its so sad every other day Im beating myself up about if I made the right decision or if i should just go bk to marketing but I really want to be a nurse. A career as a nurse has all the things I want in my job. Then I beat myself up about being the only 1 still in school and just getting my bsn in 2014 so I say every other day Im going to do LVN to ADN to BSN, Im a mess. As of today lol Im going to finish up my prereqs then transfer to a BSN program here in houston. If you decide to relocate here look me up lol we will need each other for studying. Hope all turns out well for you.