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Nursing isn't your area.

  1. 0 Since I had that battle with the hospital that forced me to resign, and that Nurse Manager telling me that "Nursing isn't your area and you should think about another field"
    I have contemplated on going the LPN route and *trying* the nursing field out. What she said really hurt me and made me reevaluate my career choice. I grew up in a medical fam (dad's a physician with his own practice, mums a nurse with masters...and I volunteered 4 years in the hospital growing up) I loved the atmosphere, I love the patients and the staff that took care of them. I cried and moped around after that hospital ordeal, after speaking to my mum, she assured me that Nurse manager was probably a sign to test me if this was something I wanted.

    After a long battle about LPN or RN...I decided to seriously buckle down and go for the RN. If I went the LPN route it would be harder for me to find a qualifying bridge program and I may have to find another job because lpn jobs are usually 9-5...and that's when nursing school is. I'd much rather bite the bullet and go for the long route. I messed up bad in College and so I can only take one class a sem. I am looking to apply for the fall 2015 program.

    It sucks, but I have to be patient and really focus on my class so I can get into the program I want. I am looking to get into a BSN program here at UTC. Eventually I would love to be an NP, so my plan is to go for the BSN...and then work in the OR and go for the RNFA...then sit for the CRNFA :3 It's a long route and it's going to be very hard...but I am very motivated and I feel I got this

    After that hospital, I thought my fiance would get upset because I was let go (I don't like to just sit at home and not work) He has been crazy supportive and got another job to support us both until I found something else :'( He's amazing and supports me with whatever I would like to do :3

    Since that ordeal, my studying habits changed and I feel like I'm on fire

    Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has commented on my indecisive decisions about one or the other.

    ...And reading this vent of doom haha
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    Awwh it seems like your family is an amazing support system, and have vast amount of knowledge to help you succeed in the medical field. One person's opinion( obviously a bitter person) does not define you or measure your skills! I wish you the best of luck, you got this just never give up!!
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    thanks Steph :3