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  1. Okay, so I posted a super-duper long message a few hours ago and looking back at it, it was wayyyy too lengthy, but I am unable to delete/edit it. Please do me a solid and help a gal out with this edited version (and many thanks):

    -I am interested in pursuing a 2nd degree, specifically a BSN.

    -I have no experience working in a hospital, am almost 31, happily married, and have no children but do want to start a family at some point soon.

    -My interest in nursing has been vague but slowly evolving for several years, and has been brought to the forefront because I have recently assumed the role of caregiver for my father.

    -I am drawn to nursing because the field fascinates me, and the intimacy and consistent care that nursing provides to patients is really appealing to me.

    -Should I go for CNA training..? Or go for prereqs and then direct application to BSN program? Volunteer in a hospital? Try to obtain a different position in a hospital for other experience?

    -As an aside, I am in Baltimore...lots of hospitals but probably still a struggle getting new hire work as it seems to be everywhere else...?

    Thank you so much .....hope this is better.
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  3. by   Stephalump
    It absolutely cannot hurt to become a CNA. Some schools require it, others look more favorably upon it, and it would definitely be a huge benefit once you start nursing school. Whether or not you should and when, I don't know. U don't think if put off starting prereqs if you're ready to start now unless you're not 100% sold on nursing (CNA work is a great way to
    see what it involves and if it:s what you really want) or need a job change stat then you may want to become a CNA first.

    Word on the street is people are finding it hard to come by jobs more so in big areas with lots of hospitals because there are lots of nursing schools pumping out grads as well. However, if it takes you four years to get out into the field, who knows what the job market will be like? My guess is you'll come out to a better outlook, but in long term and outpatient settings, not hospitals.
  4. by   TurtleIsland
    Stephalump, thank you so much for your insight- I really appreciate it a lot!