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  1. 0 Hey everyone! I did a search, but didnt come up with the exact answer I wanted, so if this has been asked before,and I missed it, then my apologies.

    When it comes to the NLN scoring, how exactly IS it scored? I have heard a few different things. I have heard that you get scored on what you answer, not what you get wrong. So does that mean if I have NO clue, I am better off leaving something blank? Or does the old standard of narrow it down the best you can and guess still stand by? Ive been studying my butt off, but cant seem to grasp the physics for the science section. I took the NLN at the beginning of the year, and KNOW the physics on the test was the reason I did badly on the science portion of the test. So I guess another question is, any hints on how to do better this time around? Retaking it again in November . Thanks everyone!!!!
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