Nervous about applying for nursing programs!

  1. I began my journey to nursing school in September 2009. I have been taking pre-reqs and worrying about grades, money, housing and lots of other things since then. I have a couple of different nursing school apps in a folder, and have done some of the things necessary to apply, but I keep getting stuck. Either it is a document I can't get ahold of, or missing the score requirement for a section of the HESI by 2 points! I can't seem to get it together. My grades are ok, I meet the GPA requirements, so why am I so freaked out about this? Why am I so reluctant to apply for my dream? Just so I am being clear here, I have an app for an LPN program, and one for an RN ADN program. I am questioning if I really want this, or if it is just terror. Some days I think, my God, what am I doing to myself? Other days it is "you mean you haven't turned in the application yet? What are you waiting for?". Can someone help?
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  3. by   hodgieRN
    My advice is this.... First, find out if nursing is what you want to do. I recommend shadowing. Find some nurses that will let you follow them around for a couple shifts. Go in surgery, the ER, ICU, the floor, nursing home, whatever. See what they do and see if it fits you.

    Next, talk to an academic adviser and make sure you have your paperwork and grades straight. Then, find out if there is something going on with the HESI scores or your studying.

    To me, it doesn't sound so much like you are missing the target, but you are unsure of what you exactly want. The people that go into nursing school half-hearted are usually the first ones to leave. If you are considering it, then that is an indicator that this might be something you want to do, so you are halfway there. Shadowing will give you more of an idea. You might see something and have your mind made up.

    It's scary applying b/c that's the point when things start becoming real. And, there's also a fear of not making it. Many people are worried about rejection. But if you don't apply, then you have a 0% chance of getting in. Good Luck!
  4. by   bizzylizzy3
    Thanks hodgieRN. I take full responsibility for my performance on the HESI. I studied very hard for the math portion, because it is my worst subject. I did not study at all for the Biology portion, and I rushed through that part too. It is the only section that I missed by 2 points. I am currently interviewing for CNA positions. If I get a CNA position, will that give me insight on whether I want to do nursing? As far as shadowing someone, where would I begin?
  5. by   hodgieRN
    Personally, I don't think a CNA job will really show you what nurses do. It will expose you to our work and you will see how patients heal, but CNA are mainly worked to the bone during shifts. Now, I can't speak for all cna's, but many of them don't have time to simply watch nurses work b/c cna's also have 10 other things that need to get done. With shadowing, you have one job...follow the nurse. You will have as much time as you want and you can ask all sorts of questions as things go along. And, you will get to see how we think.

    To shadow, find someone, anyone that works in a hospital and simply ask if you can follow them for a shift. See if someone know a friend that would allow you to follow. Talk to hospital administration and see what the rules are. I think shadowing is set up by someone simply asking a friend for this favor. Say it will be only one shift and if things go well, you can then ask if you can come back for one more. If you ask for a week right at the start, the answer will probably be no. As you are shadowing, try and network and see if someone in another department might take you for a day. Getting into surgery is always fun b/c you get watch some cool stuff. I think many surgeons love showing what they do to students because there's lots of appreciation. There's got to be a friend or family member that know a nurse to ask or network.
  6. by   MommaTy
    Apply only if you 100% want it. I say that because lots of people get in and always a couple back out and that could have been spots for people who really want it. Go deep into your heart and find out where you want your career to be. Good luck.