Nelson Denny / Math Screening at Molloy?

  1. 0 To current students/graduates/hopefuls of Molloy's Nursing Program:

    I recently got a letter stating that I need to take the Nelson Denny and the Math Screening.

    I was just wondering... how did you guys prepare for these tests? I saw a few Nelson Denny books (like Pass the Nelson Denny!) but what would you say was very helpful?

    I also received a sample/review of the math screening exam... I could answer all the questions but I'm so nervous about the converting (quarts, ounces, milligrams, etc)... I bought Davis's Math for Nurses which was really helpful but I'm contemplating if I should buy the recommended book, Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Nurses.

    Also, I think I read somewhere here that one of the tests was waived for a student. Is it possible to waive either exam? I thought they were both required to be accepted..

    Thanks all!
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