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Need some advice about online options.

  1. 0 Hello,

    I originally completed English 2 with a B-, but that is definitely not good enough for my school. So I'm forced to retake the class. The only problem is, I was enrolled in it for the Fall, but had a new instructor who had no idea what he was doing and was too difficult of a grader. So I dropped the course(I would have ended up, at most, with a C).

    Now here's the real issue, I would take it again next semester, but I'm already taking History, AP 2, and CNA. Equating to 13 credits. Adding English 2 would make it 16, way too much for someone who never really gotten through a full semester(12 credits) before.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of online options for a fast track class that is accredited and transferable?

    Thank you!