Need advice on What to do? Husband is in the mil and we move often...

  1. I'm a licensed esthitian in California but have lived out of state for over 6years because my husband is in the military. I have a 4year old that is starting school and iam very anxious to get back in the field and am looking into nursing as I'd love to do laser,chemical peels, ect....I looked in to the laser institute in Scottsdale for their comprehensive laser, 15 day program....sounds a little shady but when I looked into new mexicos state regs, it's oak, as it is in many states, but not California where I hope to eventually move back to, Hense the advice needed for the right nursing field!I have some huge decisions/roadblocks to consider and any advice would be greatly appreciated.1.) if I attend school in New Mexico (where we currently are stationed) then we get stationed in a different state a year from now, would it be wise of me to stay here and finish, or can I transfer my schooling to a different state? Ive looked into online degrees and haven't seen any entry level ones? Are there any?2.)because Iam more interested in the skin care side of things can I just get an associates degree to become an rn, or should i do the 4year program? Again, I'm doing all this just so I can eventually work in CA, which happens to have very high med spas hire rns with just an associates in Ca and else where?3.)CA is very far down the road(I'm guessing another 12years or so)and who knows what will happen until then;laws can change, we retire else where,ect...I'm tempted to do the laser school (certificate) and just get to work now and hopefully be able to work in all the states were transferred to??? Perhaps by the time we get to CA ill have enough experience to get me in somewhere???4.) I have a feeling the bs nursing degree is the right choice as I will have job security with that but I'm wondering with all the debt I will acquire in school loans is it worth it when I only want to work in skin care;ie, in a private practice/med spa, ect... not a hospital settling. Will I be compensated enough for the degree, time and effort it will take to pay it off?-another note: I've used most of my Mycaa$, and can apply to use my gi bill which only covers 60%. It seems really foolish to use my gi bill on a $10k laser certificate program when I can get 60% of a nursing degree paid for?I'm really lost on all this and any advice would be greatly appreciated,Thank you, Hannah
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    Hi! My fiance is in the Air Force so I will try to answer your questions. I am finishing nursing school before we get married, but for a little bit looked into how I would finish school if we got married earlier.
    Anyways, I would recommend you start (or finish) pre reqs at a community college in New Mexico. It's easier to transfer schools when you are doing pre reqs, but hard to transfer nursing programs. Most nursing programs you will have to start over if you transfer because they don't take any nursing classes. They aren't any entry level programs that are completely online, so your best bet is to look at your local community college.
    Most of the time I recommend people to go right for the BSN, but for your situation (with your husbands chance of PCSing) I say get the ADN or ASN at a community college first. Usually this type of degree will take 2-3 years (including taking full time pre reqs) vs the BSN which can take 4-5 years.
    Once you have the ADN, you can find employment (at a dermatology office if you like), then complete your BSN online (you can find many completely online RN-BSN programs). I would use whatever MyCAA money you still have and put the GI bill money towards nursing.
    I don't have much info about CA, but from what I've read on this website, they have long waiting lists for nursing programs and its hard to get into pre reqs. If you have years before you return to CA, get that ADN and later BSN so you can be a preferable employee.
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    Thank you very much for your advice; it's greatly appreciated!