Need advice/insight please about my education path!

  1. Hello all! Advice from other students or nurses would greatly be appreciated! Here's my situation; I currently work part-time as a dialysis tech, and am attending a local university in hopes of applying to their BSN program... I am now REALLY second guessing myself, as their BSN admittance is highly competitive and only admit a handful of students once a year (shocker, huh?) and I'm not doing as well in my classes as I'd hoped I'd do... I have really put forth effort into studying, and am a decent student otherwise, but.... Chem and algebra have taken a toll on me, and my final grades will hardly be competitive, passing, but not competitive. I've gotten discouraged, and although I've tried to stay positive, in reality I know I probably don't stand a chance at getting accepted...
    So, here's my plan B.... I have pretty much all my gen ed's done for the university, and have looked into their BS in community health education program, which I could finish up in probably a year and a half tops... In the meantime, I could get on the wait-list at my local community college for their ASN (which is averaging at 2 years now), and by the time I earn my bachelors I'd be ready to start. I'm wanting to get into community health nursing anyways, so I thought maybe this would be of great benefit to me (I know CH RN jobs aren't easy to come by , especially as a new grad). So.... Does my plan sound reasonable? Crazy? A huge waste of time and money? I've been gradually working towards nursing school for years now, on and off, I took a break for a while to get married and have 3 kids (at least that's my excuse...).
    Also, I'm not quite over the hill yet, but at 32 I know I'm no spring chicken either, and would like to get this show on the road and FINALLY become a nurse!!!
    Sorry this is long-winded, this is such an internal struggle as many of you are probably familiar with.... I just get so down on myself over all this (bad habit), and am so afraid of making the wrong choices. Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    It's always good to have a plan B! Also, have you considered any accelerated RN to BSN programs (perhaps your university has one?) that you apply to in your area if you have to get your bachelor's first? There are usually separate admissions for those programs.

    I think it's wise to get your name on the wait-list at the CC for the ASN while working towards your bachelors.
  4. by   midido80
    Thanks! I would like to eventually get my BSN, it would be great if I could do RN to BSN right after getting my ASN.
  5. by   justin.j
    If you decided to get your BS in another area first, you can always then look into accelerated BSN programs. Many of those are about two years, they're slightly less competitive than regular ASN or BSN programs, and you'd come out with a BSN right off the bat instead of having to bridge over later.