My rant, rave, and organization thread

  1. Name: Nikki

    School: University of Louisville, Kentucky

    Occupation: Full time student, lower division nursing (pre-reqs), bsn program.

    Just thought I'd start a thread to post about the struggles I know are coming. I was going to set down with pen and paper and organize my schedule but thought, why not type it out.

    Class I have taken so far.

    ENGL 101, ENGL 102, NURS 101, SOC 201, BIOL 102, CHEM 105, Hist 101.

    This summer.

    MATH 111, BIOL 257/8 (micro/lab), Oral Communication.

    This coming Fall.

    MATH 109 (statistics), BIOL 260 (A&P1), Art, PHIL 211-H, PSYC 201.


    BIOL 261/2 (A&P2, lab), HSS 303, PHIL 222, PSYC 363.
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  3. by   libnat
    The chem 105 I may have to retake, I suppose I could fit it in that last semester. 18 hours is all you can take and really is a load. I should have done more this first year but they made me take two remedial maths and want me to do another but come hell or high water I am doing college algebra this summer.

    Right now I need to write an english paper to finish up the semester. 10 pages, gona be a long night once I stop procrastinating and get to it. And on a side not, I am really craving pumpkin pie, I really wish there was some pumpkin pie.
  4. by   libnat
    rant on

    uofl parking cost $80 min and you still have to ride a bus from where you get to park to campus. i live close enough to campus this semester to just walk but am moving home next and will have to drive.

    rant off

    that said i have come up with a creative solution. because i have an old louisville adress right now i can get a $20, one year permit to park on the street which will cover next semester and will only involve me walking the same distance as i do now. that is just what i did today.
  5. by   hpfulRN-NJ
    Hello there.. Im a newbie.. but I fig I'd drop my $.02! I know it seems so crazy right now, but you will get through it. Just keep working hard.. I know it sounds cliche.. but hey cliches are there for a reason! LOL
    I remember my last year of school was HORRID! (did my undergrad in marketing/mgmt now pursuing nursing!! )
    I had papers upon papers and exams were endless! I felt like the pressure and the craziness kept me going and I made it.. and I did great..I know hindsights 20/20.. but just keep pushing fwd.. and you will come out on top :typing
  6. by   tfleuter
    Haha! I know what you mean about parking. Grinds my bum the prices we have to pay just so you can scavange for a parking spot for 15 minutes and avoid using the "free lot" located out in BFE. I guess they have to pay for maintenance some how!
  7. by   Cilantrophobe
    Quote from libnat
    rant on

    uofl parking cost $80 min
    $80 per minute?
  8. by   libnat
    minimum, sorry.

    history exam over the greeks today. hope i got a a, but suspect a b. all their names sound similar and you couldn't remember like the first letter (like p, somthing or such) because on the multiple choices he always had atleast two that started with the same letter.

  9. by   libnat
    grrrrr, i am frustrated beyond words trying to register online as a visiting student at my local community college for a class i need. every time i hit submit it comes back saying there is a discrepancy. i have double checked the thing six times and can not for the life of me find what is wrong. i am going to have to print it off and mail it in i guess.

    school also sent out an email that registration would be pushed back one day due to website issues, their system crashes every registration, think it would be fixed by now.
  10. by   libnat
    i made an a on that history test turns out. quite a relief, one more test to go. hopefully i will pull 3 as this semester.

    registration, 6 more days in counting.
  11. by   libnat

    so i go to register in my total last time slot after seeing several classes i need are already waitlisted and their f'in system is down again. **** them.
  12. by   libnat
    Classes done, crappy schedule but I have what I need. To top it off.

    This course is offered as part of the Kentucky Virtual Campus program.
    you will be charged 130% of in-state undergraduate tuition for these hours, even if you have already been billed as a full-time student.

    That was all that was left.
  13. by   libnat
    So that's $410.80 per credit hour online vs [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]$316.00 regular. That is ******** ****** theft. It doesn't cost them more to do them online.

    That is $1232 for this class vs $948.

  14. by   libnat
    I have passed chem ya'll. Back on track now even though I am a little cheesed off I am going to get a C+ for my 79.8% instead of B- since the teacher does not round up. The difference to how those two effect your gpa and look is huge.