MSMU TBSN Fall 2018

  1. Deadline is near and I haven't seen any post regarding the Fall 2018 semester so I thought I'd start it.

    I'm applying for the BSN program as a pre-nursing student because I have everything but my sciences completed.
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  3. by   smdes1gn
    Is MSMU's Tradition BSN not as popular as the other school's program? There are threads about aBSN / ADN program but no recent activities about the Traditional BSN!
  4. by   Beeg
    From what I've seen on the internet it doesn't seemed to be discussed. I definitely see the other programs being talked about a lot more. Are you applying to one of the programs?
  5. by   smdes1gn
    I applied to their Traditional BSN program because I didn't take the required religious studies courses for the aBSN program.
  6. by   vian07
    Hey guys, I also applied for TBSN program. Do you guys know if we have to take any requirement test? something like TEAS test? or if we get in they invite us to take the entrance exam? I really know nothing. I'm so curious about how many transfer student they usually accept.
  7. by   smdes1gn
    I do believe TEAS is not required for this school. But once you are eligible to enter, you are invited to take their entrance exam. I also want to know how many students they accept.
  8. by   vian07
    Thank you for your reply.

    I just found out that they sent me an invitation email today and sign up to take the kaplan test. I'm not sure what to study for it, but I will try to see it on Youtube.

    Did you guys checked the email? It could be in the spam mail too.