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No, this is not for a real school anywhere right now ... I just wanted to illustrate ... ... is THIS what the typical nursing school admission profile will look like in a few years? Catalogs and websites all presently... Read More

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    I don't think overall GPA should be given more emphasis....I want a nursing student/nurse with a stronger understanding of the pre-req's than of history and political science, or some other bs course that fulfilled the general ed requirements....I agree the TEAS was a joke but apparently enough people have issues with it, so it either says they just don't test well, or don't have a general knowledge of the subjects tested....

    I do plan to become an educator after I'm out of my program.....and there are always ways to get into a program....but that doesn't mean any joe-schmo who decides "I wanna be a nurse" should be allowed into school either.....I didn't have a 4.0 GPA, am not bilingual (at least for it to count for points) nor did I have any previous experience with direct patient contact (either volunteer or work, and yet I was still accepted to a BSN program at a CSU.....

    The way I see it, if you didn't do well in your pre-reqs, then something isn't clicking the way it should, and it's actually a pretty good indicator as to how well you might do in nursing school.....I've heard people tell me getting into nursing school was the hardest thing......well I call BS....Nursing school is a huge challenge and the schools need an objective method of determining whether or not you're potentially cut out for it

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    i don't see it as too selective and there's is no national nursing shortage at this time (hasn't been for a while, it's just hype), the economy has caused health employers to be more cost effective (hire less), older nurses aren't retiring as fast and older nurses that left the work force have reentered it. the economy has changed the psyche of many people and this will linger for years.

    there's so many ways to become a nurse via diploma, adn, bsn and acc bsn. turning out new nurses is a big industry backed by an even bigger industry, the health care industry.

    new rn's (no experience) are having hard times finding jobs in many areas of the country. whenever ppl become educated that the nursing shortage is hype the admission criteria will fall. no need to go through all you need to go thru to get into and grad nursing school for no job.

    the health care industry is basically hiring experienced nurses now, not enough new grads to soak up all the new grads being spit out, that's not hiring a nursing shortage.
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    What on earth does that have to do with the original post?
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    Quote from HyperSaurus
    One of my friends came to Michigan from Washington State because her school was like that: a 3.9 GPA, and she still wasn't good enough. Here, at my school, I was accepted with a 3.2 GPA (although that jumped up to a 3.8 at the end of that same semester). All my school does is look at grades. Once you meet the qualifications, they rank you from top grade to lowest grade and that determines your acceptance.
    Oh, and Springing, I am highly considering nursing education after I get some floor experience.
    Yep my CC school in WA unless you had a 4.0 or MAYBE a 3.9 you had no chance in getting in.

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