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Hey all I am taking Microbiology and A&P 2 for the spring of 2013. I wanted to open this thread to people who may be possibly taking 1 or both of these classes as a way to help each other out or give feed back. I am applying to... Read More

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    Good luck to all! Especially those taking micro and a&p together ! Yikes!!

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    I taking micro and A&P II as well. Along with stats and clinical nutrition. I apply to the program in May. Wish me luck!! Long semester ahead!
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    May the force be with you Jonesel!! I'm taking Micro, Ethics and a religion class!!I will submit my app next week for the Fall 2013 class!!!
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    I'm taking Micro as well! Who else is taking Micro this semester?
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    I start micro on Tuesday. Last class before applying to RN program!
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    Micro and A&P I here! Glad to have a micro thread!
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    I start micro on Tuesday so nerves!
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    Micro is going good so far gram+, gram- and media!!

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    I started yesterday. Only once a week so it is a long day! It seems like it is going to be a challenge.
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    Mine is twice a week, but that's all that was offered. They had four sections available, and all of them were 2 day a week instead of 3 day a week classes. 3 hours each. Not looking foward to that!

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