Microbiology Question about staining.

  1. The question I am looking to answer is:
    "List 3 different types of stains used to help visualize cells."

    This is what I know about staining:

    1.)Simple: Used to highlight microorganisms to determine cellular shapes/arrangements.

    2.)Differential: Used to distinguish different kinds of bacteria
    • A.) Gram: Gram + and Gram -
    • B.)Acid Fast: Used to distinguish Mycobacterium.
    3.)Special: Used to color and isolate various structures, such as capsules, endospores, and flagella.
    • A.) Negative: Used to demonstrate the presence of capsules.
    • B.) Endospore: Used to detect the presence of endospores in bacteria.
    • C.) Flagella: Used to demonstrate the presence of flagella.
    Would the answer be Simple, Differential and Special?- but are those just categories and not stains? Or would it just be any combination of 3 stains: like simple. gram, and acid fast?

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    We're not supposed to answer homework questions on the forum.

    Here's a link that might be helpful to your question (scroll to the staining section): Microbiology Flashcards
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    You're welcome. Hope it helped!