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Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ, has just added a totally online microbiology course including the laboratory. I have signed up for the course that begins in January 2009. I live in Ocean County so I get the in county rate... Read More

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    would like to know if micro(tortora) still avaiable if so please contact me @ lbarsock@msn.com for fast reply ...
    thanks !

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    So sorry Ibarsock but I know longer have it!! Good luck!
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    For people that have taken the OCC Microbiology class online: How is it structured? Can you work at your own pace (are there specified days/times to take tests or can you work ahead)? There is a 5 week summer class and I am wondering how intensive it will be as I am already taking 3 other classes during the same time. Ok thanks so much.
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    hi jersey nursing girl,
    i am also attending occ and plan to take micro online spring 2010... but you mentioned that you took ap2 online. how was it? i am going to be taking that this fall 2009. i am taking ap1 right now which i am doing really well in. just wasnt sure how it was online. how was the labs done. Professor Spencer who I am taking ap1 with says that you do the cat dissection at home. how does that work?? i love online classes so that part i am not really concerned about. any input would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Is this school accredited? To transfer classes my school looks for regional accreditation.
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    i would think so since it is a local NJ community college.
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    Quote from hartwellparker
    Hello I live in Dallas county and looking for an online nursing school for LPN.. Does anyone know of any they could recommend??
    North Central Texas College offers an Online LVN program. Here is their website link http://www.nctc.edu/What_We_Teach/Ap.../OnlineLVN.htm
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    Try Rio Salado Community College. They are strict about their prerequisites, but the cost is not too bad. http://www.riosalado.edu/schedule/Pages/default.aspx
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    north central texas college offers an online lvn program. here is their website link http://www.nctc.edu/what_we_teach/ap.../onlinelvn.htm
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    Tanguria are you still on this site?

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