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    So.......I start my Micro class tomorrow . I was able to get into this hybrid course where it's half on-line and half on-site. I am required to go on campus for lab. Unfortunately, it is a summer course and will require me to be at school twice a week from 530p-1030pm. I hope and pray that the instructor wll have mercy on us and not be strict with attendance. I have two months to get this done and I am convinced that I can get through this. After Micro, on to Chemistry. I will be taking this course on-line and will purchase a kit for completing the labs at home. The tests and exams are proctored on-site. By the way, at my local community college Fall registration begins in two weeks. OMG! Why so early? I feel like the summer hasn't even began. Well, I guess I better start planning my schedule.

    Any Micro lover's out there?
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    Haha I know fall registration comes around so quick doesn't it? I am taking a hybrid class -nutrition and diet therapy for nurses. attendance is strict, we attend campus for lecture and exams, some quizes allowed online from home. tons of reading in short time frames. I believe with all the budget cuts around the country more schools will be doing these hybrid classes. Good luck and stay strong til the end.
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    Good luck 2 u 2 vegasmom! We will and can do this!

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