Microbiology and Chemistry - page 2

I'm scheduled to begin Micro in Jan. I also have to complete chemistry. Would I be hanging myself if I were to register for Chem. also (same semester) and take them together? Kinda confused.:uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   shae1022
    has anyone in CA taken online science classes? and do they transfer to schools like Sac State, and Sierra college?? just curious....they are expensive to take online.
  2. by   txnursingqt
    I would take them both together with no hesistation. Micro has been sooooo easy. I have taken Chem and it was easy too. In my micro class Chem was not a pre-req and honestly there was not much chem to it at all (don't know if that is just my school). Just my but I found them both to be pretty simple.

    I also look at it like this, Biology students do it all the time. So do pre-med students! If they can do it so can I. Good luck.