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  1. I am accepted into MCON accelerated BSN program. can someone tell me about the program, is it any good. How are the classes? How are the professors?

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  3. by   runrunasfastasyoucan
    The classes are unorganized, chaotic. A few teachers are great but the rest couldnt give a care about you or your success. Good luck. Go somewhere else if you can. You will be teaching yourself if you go here and giving them 8k to laugh about.
  4. by   goodguy123

    are you in the program now? what is the dropout rate? i know the program recently began, however how many were accepted and dropped out or failed out? is the schedule hectic? is the schedule doable with part time work? what is the workload?

    i apprecaite your response as I am still deciding between 2 schools.

  5. by   runrunasfastasyoucan
    There are 68 in my J1 class right now. The teachers could care less if you fail or pass or if you understand the material. I have no idea what the pass/fail rate is. I've heard mixed reviews on that. The class and others ahead of us are constantly having to fight for our grades as they don't care. We've been told by Seniors that the school does not care and will not make changes to the ridiculous and pathetic output of the teachers. The clinical and labs leading up to them are embarrassing and the skills are left on you to learn as the teachers can't even get it right themselves. I am working 3 days a week as a server and have realized this is too much. The school requires hours and hours to barely get a decent passing grade and most of the time you will still fail with ten hours put in. Multiple teachers are teaching one class and can't get their stories right nor the tests of material that was never went over. If things don't get better I am going to hopefully be able to switch programs after a year. This school is an embarrassment and how it became accredited is a sham. I was talking with some girls about recommending this school when people ask and none of us said we would so especially since you have another offer from another school don't come here. The people you talk to are nice, so nice, yet once your hear you don't deal with them but teachers who don't care and trust me its such a disappointment.
  6. by   TexHaws
    I am in the 2nd degree program and am a Senior. I have mixed feelings about the program. In the end, as with anything you get what you put into it. I have done well and have put a lot of time into it. Feel free to email me jonhaws(AT)gmail or i have a blog with some of my experiences mconmalenurse it is on blogspot
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    Which methodist is this? In peoria IL?
  8. by   MethodistCollege
    I would strongly encourage you to speak to a recruiter at Methodist College in order to receive up-to-date information as well as program and amenity options. Methodist College's second degree program is an accelerated program that can be completed in 5 semesters and classes are attended on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday and Sundays. Please contact our recruiter at (309) 672-5513 or in order to schedule a visit and meet with current students. You can also coordinate a visit with a faculty member as well as an alumni to determine if the program may be a good fit for you or if you might benefit from our Pre-Licensure track to your BSN.

    Methodist College is the oldest nursing program in the Peoria area. Affiliated with UnityPoint Health, our diploma program was established in 1900 and it transitioned to a bachelor's degree program in 2000. Methodist College focuses strictly on nursing and health sciences programs which create a learning environment with like-minded, goal-oriented students.

    Methodist College is a traditional higher learning institution, pairing general education courses along with the nursing/health sciences curriculum in order to expose students to their major sooner and incorporate nursing and health science concepts into the curriculum for a seamless experience. Methodist College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).