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Men obtaining job for ASN degree

  1. 0 I am a 24 year old man about to apply to nursing school at Houston Community College (accredited school). Is it going to be more difficult for me to get a job over someone with a BSN from a university? I have 7 years experience as a receptionist (did a lot more than receptionist work) at a private doctors office. What are your thoughts and reccomendations on getting a job directly out of nursing school and thoughts of what I should do in order to get a job ASAP. Thanks for your help. FYI: I will graduate 1/2013
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    Good luck on your application. Unfortunately, your previous experience will not really matter - decisions are based on criteria that predict your academic ability - entrance exams & GPA. There is a huge demand for all Houston area CC programs, so you will have some stiff competition.

    New graduates have a much harder time finding jobs now than ever before - even in Houston. Right now, BSN grads have a much better chance of landing a job in Houston hospitals. All of the Med Center hospitals require BSN now. However, there are a lot of suburban and community hospitals that still hire ADNs. Non-acute facilities still utilize ADN nurses and I don't think that this will change in the future.

    Keep us up to date on your progress.
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    My GPA is a 4.0 at this time amd will do great on the entrance exam. What are CC programs? What would your recommendations for me in finding a job ASAP after getting license?