1. I am a 2nd semester Pre Nursing student and I am having trouble with College Algebra(Math has never been my strong point). I wanted to know how much math is really used by a nurse on a daily basis and up to what math did you take it college? Any other information would be helpful, thank
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  3. by   Hope63
    Go to the Math tutor or Math Lab at your school. Tutoring is great when you are overwhelmed.

    Good luck
  4. by   Cherry02
    Honestly, I have never taken a single algebra class in college. For my other degree (not exactly math or science related) I had to do a lot of math for astronomy, chemistry, 2 statistics classes, and somewhat for 2 research classes..and microeconomics...maybe others I am forgetting...the biology courses I have taken or am taking now have some basic math (i.e. measurements).

    I'm not a nursing student yet, so no clue how much is needed in nursing school. I have always been decent at math, but never considered myself GREAT at it. What helped me a lot was literally just googling and practicing equations on my own. Something about finding the answers myself boosted my confidence and helped me remember it. Also, for one of my classes the professor provided the answers to the homework before it was due...and that helped a ton! Because I knew instantly if I did something wrong, and I could work on it until I knew exactly how to do it. I would definitely consider myself good at math now!

    I think a lot of people don't give themselves enough credit for what they are capable of learning! You CAN be good at math! Good luck!
  5. by   Lcalla2012rngrad
    You definitely need to take an algebra class, there is math in the RN program, it will help you prepare for dosage calculations, which uses ratio proportion (solving for X). It is not as scary as you may think, practice ratio proportion, Good luck!
  6. by   GreenEyedPeas1
    Go to a tutor! That saved me in college algebra. And also, go to the khan academy website and there will be a ton of videos on all types of algebra