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Making the best choice

  1. 0 Last week brought a lot of happy news!

    Monday I got my point confirmation for a local ADN program with enough points to get the invitation for the proctored essay....(I have since declined my essay spot to leave room for someone else).

    Wednesday I got email confirmation for fall start in an accelerated BSN program in the midwest.

    Thursday I got a call from an in state school with acceptance for summer start.

    Yes.... I am in!!! Somewhere!! I realize that this is a great predicament to have and I am very very excited. However, it does not make my decision process any easier. The ADN program is out but choosing between the two ABSN programs is quite difficult.

    I am looking at tons of details and getting lost! For those of you who had a choice how did you make your decision of one program over the other.

    I have set up a metric to look at the pros and cons:
    • School reputation and NCLEX rates
    • Overall cost
    • Program length and scheduling (one program is 22 months, primarily evening and weekend and will not conflict with children's school; the other program is 16 months, start sooner but is Monday to Friday)
    • Moving distance & cost (moving is expensive and the school further away is about $10K more)
    • Family (moving far means closer to family, staying in state means no family around - also note that my husband is not working locally)
    • Continuation of dental treatment (I and two of my children are currently sporting fashionable braces and moving far will make things a tad bit complicated for continuation of care)

    Any advice is very much appreciated :-)