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Just registered to retake chem this spring (it expired). I'm on my way finally to make my dream a reality and am so excited!!!! Just wanted to share my happiness....... Read More

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    I have about a year left to my accounting degree. I don't hate it - I do like it because its challenging. And for the first time in my life I'm doing well at something. I also have 17 years invested at my current job (I'm a florist). I'm so afraid to throw it all away and whole heartedly pursue nursing especially now when all I hear is that jobs are scarce. When I first pursued prereqs years ago new rn jobs were plentiful (and my school had a pt evening program). Seems so much has changed and I'm so scared.

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    OK, so I've realized that I have now officially spent 8 years telling myself that I can't be a nurse. 8 years!! I think it's time that I at least give it a shot. Time to put this to rest.... I'm so afraid I'll let another 8 years go by and not have pursued this. I have a feeling that if I let that happen I'll never be able to move on. So here's to taking the leap!! Wish me luck.
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    Good luck! I just started doing my science pre-reqs and just that step has gotten me excited and feeling motivated! I probably won't be ready to apply to the nursing program until Spring 2014 (and then hopefully start Fall 2014), but that's ok.
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    I know I'll feel better once I'm back in a classroom this fall. Good luck back!
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    Yes, you will. Blessings!

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