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On my last question, I asked if there were any legitimite LPN to BSN programs and found that yes, they are real and credited. My ultimate goal is to become a Neonatal practioner:heartbeat, and I plan on taking accelerated... Read More

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    You know in 2009 that was my plan too but my school is so cheap that its free for me right now and once I start the program (ADN) next year I will have all of my BSN pre-reqs done and I can go straight into my RN-MSN program of choice! I am working as a CNA now and I make $6-8 less than the average LPN but it only took me 6 wks and $1000 to do that. I would just worry about finding a job as an LPN because everybody is trying to phase them out because they always have to have an RN supervising....

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    yep--i know. the only jobs for new lpns is ltc and doctor's office. i will be a certified coder after i graduate in the fall so i can work as an administrative assistant or i could also work as a unit secretary (or the new term is "patient care representative") in a hospital that works at the nurse's station. i've taken a&p i and ii, math, physch, sociology, english 250, critical thinking, medical terminology, public speeking, keyboarding, computer courses, medical billing and coding and insurance courses....

    i did actually see an lpn job at a local hospital but they want 1 yr. experience at least. i tried to get that job as a patient care rep but i got a rejection letter. i also applied for other clerical jobs like admitting and billing. competition is tough these days. being an lpn should boost my resume for working in the nurse's station. usually they hire nursing students. the hospital told me that they cross-train you on other jobs and that you get to float throughout the week if you want---not having to work on the same floor all the time. i thought that sounded awesome. i am going to reapply for another clerical position after i graduate and hope that my chances are better. plus i start volunteering for hopsice this month! i think that being a volunteer for hopice will help me gain some experience and also help with networking . i want to work in oncology but who knows what feild i will end up in as an rn. i know that hospitals are preatty much hiring rns with a bachelor's degree. that is my goal.
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    dude, if you have all those classes then just do an accelerated BSN program after you finish this degree! why waste all that time doing other crap if you can get admission into an accelerated BSN??
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    'cause i don't think i'll get in.... i didn't do that great on the teasv (lpn exam) but i got an interview. i think it had to do with the classes i've taken and i made the dean's list one semester. but i haven't taken chemistry yet---and i passed math with a c . i'm guessing the entrance exam for the rn exam is just as hard (the lpn one consists of a & p, physics, chemistry, math, and a tiny section on grammar mechanics). i was shocked when i made it as far as the interview process. many of the students applying have gotten awesome scores on the entrance exams as well as a high gpa. i guess i just want to take it slower so i know i won't fail.
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    Its the same entrance exam which you can always take again....and dont put all your eggs in one basket....try some other schools and you know youre going to have to take the classes regardless...just get them over with. Dont doubt yourself girl!!
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    lol--i know right. btw you would think this is my thread
    i'll see what happens...

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