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I have been a nervous reck lately with finals and getting all my ducks in a row to apply for all of the different programs. So here is my issue, I had a very low undergrad GPA a few years back. I... Read More

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    I initially graduated college in 1997 with an absolutely terrible GPA. As a matter of fact, I had the lowest GPA the college allowed students to graduate with. I was in a Fraternity and didn't know what being a student was all about. The fact that I received a diploma and was able to walk at graduation was a miracle. My grades caused me nothing but problems the years
    after graduation.

    Fast forward to 2004 when I decided to go back to school. I was open and honest with the schools I was speaking with. I had to retake some of the prerequisites that I had taken years earlier. In my situation, I recd a 3.9 overall average at a local community college while taking the prerequisites. This and speaking with the staff openly and honestly about my situation helped me get into the school without any problems. It seemed to help that I had those few years between graduating and then going back to nursing school.

    I also have learned and grown since my early college days.
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    I have a similar problem...I was a teenage parent, had my son in high school, went straight to college, and in the beginning, my good enough was just good enough. I turned it around, but it shows in my gpa. So I specifically chose a nursing school that only looks at gpa and entrance exam scores and got in no problem. It's an ADN, so it'll take me an extra year to get my BSN which isn't exactly what I wanted, but really...I could use that extra year to boost my gpa even more for grad school. Never give up, never surrender, even if it means taking the long way around!
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    It does depend on the school, my school I have heard once you are accepted into the program your gpa starts over. Beside your prereq gpa is as good as can be. I wouldnt worry about it.

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