Low GPA Bachelors Is LPN my only way in.....Help please

  1. I want to bridge over to RN as soon as possible. How long did it take you to get into an RN program? Is it really easier to get into an RN program after completing the LPN? I have children and I simply just couldn't waste any more time. I currently have a BA in healthcare admin and I will be completing my MBA this Fall. I had a very low undergrad GPA 2.4 which has hurt me over the years (messed around horribly). I currently have a 3.5 in my grad program. How do you think colleges look at this when trying to bridge from LPN to RN?

    I'm afraid LPN may be my only shot a acheiving my goal. I really don't think any accelerated programs will accept me. I just got offered a job at the corporate office of a local hospital. I am debating between starting this LPN program in January 2012 instead (My dream is to be a nurse). I like the idea of working the corporate office of the hospital but I am scared of getting stuck there. If I did work there, it would have been nice if I could go work on my RN 12-16 hrs per week with the help of their tuition reimbursement. The LPN program is around 36 hrs a week and I would not be able to work.

    I could start re taking my pre-reqs in January but I am afraid that I will still get weeded out due to having a low bachelors degree GPA. Do you think LPN would be my only way in? I know some may suggest that I do an accelarated BSN program. But I don't meet the minimum GPA requirements for any nursing program in my area. Any advice that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    My school used a points system which was based solely on test scores and grades earned on the pre-reqs. So it was advantageous to get all A's on pre-reqs. I had a 2.96 on my Bachelor's degree and even after taking all my pre-reqs I didn't have a competitive overall GPA for accelerated BSN programs in my area. I'm going to take my RN at the local community college and bridge to a MSN program in a couple years. I am 35 and changing careers so when I graduate I will be almost 38. I figure I'll probably wait until I'm in my early 40's to do the MSN.