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Looking into Nursing Program, Weighing my options - page 2

hello all, i am looking for advice on which program would be the most logical in my situation to attend. i have a bachelors of music and have applied to (schools in houston texas) chamberlain... Read More

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    I got accepted into Chamberlain and I begin classes this summer. I also have a Bachelors degree which helped me out tremendously. The only bad thing is how expensive the school is. I do not want any more loans, so I have been applying to as many scholarships as I can, one of which is the Nursing Scholarship program which if you get it they will pay for your entire nursing education but you have to dedicate two years to a facility where there is a shortage of nurses. My advice to you would be to apply to BSN programs because I heard more hospitals want you to have a BSN now rather than a ADN. Even though they both are RN's, so I dont get the point.
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    Has anyone heard from the HBU nursing program yet? Spring 2012.
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    I am interested in learning more about Chamberlan in the Houston area and if they will accept transfer credits. Also, I am looking at HBU as well. Anyone have any advice?

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    I would totally take the pre-reqs at the Community College. Then you can either go forward with the ADN there, transfer to get your BSN, or get your ADN and then get a BSN through an online or hybrid program. Any of these will be much less than 70K. I have just applied to an ABSN program, and in order to do so I had to first complete 30 hrs of pre-reqs and I already have a Masters Degree in Psychology! I went to a private university the first time around, so they did not follow the Texas state core curriculum. This meant that in addition to getting all the sciences and whatnot, I had to take two semesters of Government and one of History! Oh, and wouldn't you know that of all the classes I took to get my masters in psychology, the ONE course (Lifespan Psych) needed for a pre-req to the ABSN program that I needed was one I didn't have under my other degrees! Talk about insult to injury. Anyway, I completed all 3O hours over one academic year at a Community College for maybe 3K. ONE CLASS at the University was going to cost $1200. Community Colleges are great for saving money.
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    I'm in the same boat with trying to find financing for a second bachelors - to the extent actually, that I'm leaning towards the MSN-CNL - which is a entry to practice GENERALIST degree - so you qualify for graduate funding, but you are still just a regular RN when you graduate. Either way, I would DEFINITELY take your pre-reqs at the CC. In my experience, you can easily (and cheaply!) get a quality education at the CC level, if you are willing to research the professors before signing up, and put in the effort. Ratemyprofessor is my best friend!