Last week of pre-reqs!

  1. I start my finals Saturday! I have A&P II, Micro, Med Term, and Algebra this coming week. It looks like the only class ill be making a B in is algebra and although it dents my 4.0, I had put it off knowing it would be my Achilles heel... Frankly I didn't think I'd do much more than scrape by with a low C, so my mid B is as good as an A in my mind!

    Anyone else in their last weeks of pre-reqs?
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  3. by   acunnin4
    Good luck on your finals! I'm sure you will do great. A "B" in Algebra is not bad at all. I'm finished with all of my pre-reqs and co-reqs. I'm just waiting to take my HESI A2 exam, so I can apply for school this fall.

    Again, good luck on your finals!
  4. by   zoe92
    Good luck! A & P 2 with Micro..? Ouch!
  5. by   Endowed
    4 tough classes in a semester?
    I applaud your efforts and confidence.
    4.0 GPA with all that?
    A 'B' in algebra will do you no harm at all.

    Congratulations and good luck.
  6. by   SopranoKris
    Congrats on finishing your pre-reqs!!! Doesn't it feel like a huge weight is being lifted off? Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!!!
  7. by   CareQueen
    This is my last week of Stats. The final is next Saturday. I'm hoping to make an A in the course, but think it will probably wind up being a B. Ah well, can't win 'em all. I have three more weeks of A&P I left and then I'll be done w/prereqs for the Spring. I'm taking two more in the Summer though, accelerated courses at that!, an 8-wk Microbio course and then a 5-wk A&P II course (yikes!!!) ,and then I'll be done and off to my ABSN program in August!!
  8. by   meeep
    I am in my last week as well. I thought I was going to end up with a B in Stats as well, but I just had my final, and I'm ending up with an A!!!! So excited because I dread math and that class was so tedious and time consuming! Still waiting for A&P lab final grades to be posted, the wait is killing me! Have my A&P lecture final next week and then I'm done for the semester!
  9. by   Mandy0728
    This is my last week as well & it's my last semester that rely counts towards my GPA for the nursing program, because I apply in June. I REALLY need a 4.0 so that my overall GPA will be a 3.48....and that makes me competitive for our BSN program. I got As so far this semester in Nutrition, algebra and lifespan psych. I still have to take my Microbiology & Biology finals so I pray I get As!!
  10. by   Nurse2b7337
    Had my Spansh final on Monday. My lab assessment from Micro on Tuesday( 88). On Thursday my Lab final with a (94)!!!! On Friday my lecture Micro final. Today my lecture Micro!! Grades have not been released but Imlooking for three A's!!! I only have a three wk break them summer school starts. after the summer then all of my prereqs will be done!

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  11. by   melc0305
    I have my Chemistry final tonight and my AP 2 lecture and lab finals on Saturday. Then I'm DONE with pre-reqs! I start my program this summer.
  12. by   Nurse2b7337
    Woohoooo I got my A in Spanish!!! My A in Micro lecture class!! Waiting for my Micro lab grade!!! So glad it's ova!!!

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  13. by   Graduation2016
    I will be done with A&P 2 and micro and both labs next week. The only thing I'm going to say is I'm 50 shades of DONE with both!
  14. by   franniecd
    Congratulations! I just finished my last pre-req class and all my gen-ed classes are finished as well! I start my nursing program next Tuesday. GL!