Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

  1. I can't seem to find anyone who has taken the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam. Has anyone on this forum taken this exam? If so, would you mind giving some insight as to how the test was?

    I am applying to a school that requires this exam, but it's either a brand new exam or not many schools use it for whatever reason.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  3. by   bonnevie13
    I have posted a thread on this very same topic, no responses as well.....I will be taking this test in October!
    I hope someone has some answers and advice!
  4. by   ndb0001
    sle80, what school are you applying to? I will be taking the test to apply to NCTC in Texas.
  5. by   bonnevie13
    I will be taking the Kaplan at Baker College, in Michigan. Are you familiar with this test? or know anyone who has taken the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam?
  6. by   PacoUSA
    I have never heard of a nursing school entrance exam named "Kaplan" ... Kaplan is a test prep company and they do publish a study book for nursing school entrance exams, but not specific to any one test and certainly not one named after them. The only nursing school entrance exams I am aware of are the following:

    [FONT=Times-RomanCOR][FONT=Times-RomanCOR]• National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination (NLN PAX-RN)
    [FONT=Times-RomanCOR][FONT=Times-RomanCOR]• Nurse Entrance Test (NET)
    [FONT=Times-RomanCOR][FONT=Times-RomanCOR]• Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
    [FONT=Times-RomanCOR][FONT=Times-RomanCOR]• Psychological Services Bureau Nursing School Aptitude Examination [FONT=Times-RomanCOR](PSB-RN)
    [FONT=Times-RomanCOR][FONT=Times-RomanCOR]• Center for Nursing Education and Testing Pre-Nursing Assessment [FONT=Times-RomanCOR]Test (C-NET-RN)

    [FONT=Times-RomanCOR]You need to contact the admission offices of your respective schools to determine which of these (or other) tests are used. I still say Kaplan has not branded their own test. The book with their brand name on it just prepares you for one of these listed above (McGraw-Hill has a similar study guide), which essentially test similar concepts.

  7. by   ndb0001
    It's an actual test made by Kaplan. Below is a description of the test from the school's website that I am applying to.

    The Kaplan Admission Exam is a 91-question multiple-choice test which evaluates basic reading, math, writing, and science skills. The Reading section (22 questions in 45 minutes) tests the students' ability to identify the idea and/or purpose of the passage, identify details, and to use inference and logic. The Math section (28 questions in 45 minutes) tests fundamental math, algebra, and problem solving, conversions, operations, ratios, word problems. The Writing section (21 questions in 45 minutes) asks students to identify correct and incorrect sentence mechanics, paragraph logic, and passage development. The Science section (20 Questions in 30 minutes) tests students' knowledge of Physiology in the following areas: Cardiovascular system, electrolytes, gastrointestinal system, immune system, neurology, renal system, hematological system, homeostasis, respiratory system, sensory system.
  8. by   bonnevie13
    nbd0001...Great information. It is very helpful that the college your applying to lists this information on their website. Kaplan is a test prep company which publishes study material as stated by Paco386, in addition they have a Nursing Entrance Exam..appropriately called the Kaplan Nursing Exam as well! I believe this may be a relatively new exam added to the conglomerate of others such as the TEAS, HESI, the NET and such. I appreciate you posting the information. Thanks and good luck on your test! When will the college your attending be administering the test? The college I attend will be registering for the exam in September, and administering in October. Have a great day! Thanks again, I appreciate your help!
  9. by   ndb0001
    The school that I am applying to will be administering the test at the end of October. The fact that the test is so new makes it a bit more nerve racking since we don't really know what to expect! Good luck on your test as well
  10. by   sbrook5
    I took this exam today at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois! It was much more basic than the exam book. I went in there thinking that I was going to bomb the Reading Comprehension section because of how the book had such tricky practice questions. At this school, Math and Reading were the only sections considered for admission, but I'm sure the test would have been harder if all sections were used.
  11. by   ndb0001
    Did you still take the writing and science section? If so, how was the science?

    Was there anything tricky on the math section?
  12. by   sbrook5
    Yes, I took all of the sections, but did not bother studying for the sections that didn't count for Lewis' admission. The science seemed a bit specific like with different processes about the endocrine system or what would happen to breathing/resp rate if the parasymp system kicked in. The math was very basic. Like adding fractions and adding decimals or calculating percentages.
  13. by   bonnevie13
    In regards to the math section; in the study guide there are MANY math story problems, actually most of the practice questions were in story problem format. My question to you is; On the actual Kaplan testing, how was most of the format of the testing in the math section? For example: what is X% of 65? or story problem format, such as Joan has X% of pens; red 5 green 6 black 12, what percent chance does she......? I hope you understand my question! The reason I ask has to do with the fact that when a math problem is asked in story problem format it tends to take a bit longer to solve vs. one that is clearer to solve mathematically and move on! I don't want to run out of time on this section of the test. Did you feel that the science was difficult? or Basic? Thanks~
  14. by   sbrook5
    @sle80: the math was very basic. I was surprised at how simple they were. Like some were literally just adding or subtracting decimals ans you just use the calc for that. I didnt see too many word problems if any. I think you would have plenty of time for the math section! Hope that helps. For math, i studied all of the practice problems to make sure i knew how to do them all. Science seemed specific, but it was all about the human body processes. Like others have discussed in threads like these, i suggest brushing up on anatomy and physiology aspects. Make sure you know what exactly your school will be counting for your entrance exam!