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Kaplan Las Vegas RN ADN program May 2013

  1. 0 Anyone applying to the Kaplan RN ADN program here in Las Vegas beginning May 2013? I applied last year and was told it was quite competitive (one of the staff commented on 600 applicants for 40 spots...). I don't know if that number was accurate and/or if it is still that competitive for this upcoming class. When i took the KPT test last year, I scored I think a 83% and 89% for the Math and Reading, the two portions they review. With those scores, I thought I didn't stand a chance against "600 applicants", however I was selected! And was thrilled when I got the acceptance call! Unfortunately, I couldn't begin the program due to some other circumstances. But re-applied this year and crossing fingers again, lol

    Anyone else out there applying for May 2013 ADN and/or have any experience as to the competitiveness of the program for entry?
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    I am currently in the program at Everest, I only have 10 months left from a two year ADN program, it was a little difficult getting in, there was 140 applicants for 40 seats, and I was actually the first one accepted, if you're determined you'll get into Everest. either way I wish you good luck
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    Just out of curiosity - because it has come up on so many posts lately - are these schools informing you that most hospitals are rapidly moving toward a "BSN grads only" hiring policy? This is already the situation in most larger cities, but it seems that schools are not doing a good job of informing potential applicants. ADN grads are finding jobs in non-acute (LTC, Rehab, etc) environments.
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    I've heard that often, but have also heard RNs comment that an RN is an RN, no matter what the education, and that the BSN is for management-level responsibilities. I'm sure there's a degree of truth in there somewhere. However, following the ADN Kaplan program I will be going for the RN-BSN after that. Become an RN, work while going for RN-BSN. CSN students spend practically 3 years time to graudate with a ADN. Then 2 more years of RN-BSN. That's a total of 5 years to reach a BSN! If reaching a BSN is important to you as much as it is for me, you can still do 18months of ADN at Kaplan, then 2 years of RN-BSN at another school or at Kaplan U, for a total of 3.5 years. I don't have my pre-reqs done and my education will be mostly paid for by the VA, so that time difference between CSN and Kaplan to achieve a BSN really shows its convenience for students in my particular situation.
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    I initially was going to apply to the ADN program, However, Kaplans RN program is not Nationally accredited vs. their LPN program. Hence I chose to take the LPN program and bridge later at CSN. Since they are accredited credits. They are regionally "approved" since it is one of their newer programs. I spoke with the Nevada State Board of Nursing and NLNAC committee to get some insight. They have 0% NCLEX pass rate. They advised against their program, until it is Nationally Accredited. I also spoke with a few of the ADN students during the seminar.

    Good luck!