Juggling class and volunteer schedule. Need advice?

  1. Hello-

    I'm currently doing pre-reqs to apply for BSN programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am CNA certified through the Red Cross and currently volunteer 1 half day a week in a Medical Unit at Marin General in Kentfield. I'm just finishing up my first semester of pre-reqs with mostly A's...hoping I can pull an A off in Chemistry...pray for me lol!

    I'm juggling a lot with a 3 year old, part time online work (several hours a week that are flexible) and my classes. I need advice on whether or not to take on another 3 hour volunteer commitment with Hospice By The Bay in Larkspur here in Marin. I want to do everything I can to find enriching experiences to further my education and to also have on my resume. I think it'll make me a more competitive candidate than just someone with the requirements done and a great GPA.

    I'm planning on taking Microbiology and Psychology over the summer and then finishing out this Fall with Anatomy, Physiology and Statistics. The only general ed class I'll have left to fulfill is a speech class as mine from 1995 lol is no longer transferable. I'll have to do that in the spring '14.

    Am I overwhelming myself? Do I really need to do another volunteer gig for applications this fall or is it a bit unnecessary? I'm game to just plow through all this to get into a program. I know it's incredibly competitive in the bay area and I'm not getting any younger nearing 37. I would love some insight from people who have been through the application process I'll be going through this fall.
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    Every school is different, so I would suggest contacting the nursing school of your choice and inquire about how influential is volunteer experience in the admission process before you jump into a second volunteer committment.

    Also, typically... anatomy and physiology are scheduled consecutively, not concurrently. If your school teaches A&P 1 and A&P 2... which are combined topics, but they would still be consecutive terms. So, I think you will be taking two classes in 2014 Spring term and only two this coming Fall.

    Having said all that, it seems you'll have the time for more volunteer hours, but the question is, would it make a difference in getting into nursing school? It will be good for your learning process, but only you can balance the benefit you would get from it versus the sacrifices you'll need to make with your child (quality time) and study time.

    Hope that helps.