IU School of Nursing - 2 NEW accelerated BSN classes starting!

  1. i posted this under the indiana nurses forum, but thought it might be more widely read in the pre-nursing forum.

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    in response to the current nurse shortage, indiana university school of nursing has just announced that they will be starting two new accelerated bsn classes, in addition to the one that traditionally starts in the summer. the program lasts 18 full-time months, and is open only to those with a previous bachelor's degree in any subject, as long as they have completed certain pre-nursing courses.

    the first new class will be admitted for starting the spring 2007 semester (january). applications will become available oct 2, 2006 and are due nov 15, 2006.

    the second new class will be admitted for the fall 2007 semester, which begins in mid-august. deadline info not yet available, but be looking for it after the first of the year.

    the usual accelerated class that starts in summer will run as usual.

    the way i read the announcement they sent out, this is for the following year only. they are not saying whether the fall and spring starts will continue after 2007.

    iuson has normally given very strong preference to iu graduates, but maybe this will give students from other universities a fighting chance of getting in, since they will be admitting 2 more groups of students. i suspect it will still be highly competitive, though.

    they say a 2.5 gpa is the minimum, but i have never heard of any student with a gpa less than 3.1 getting in to any of their bsn programs. of course, i don't know that many students, and i certainly don't know everybody's gpa, so please take that with a grain of salt. if you did not-so-well back in the dark ages, but made stellar grades recently, go for it!!!

    more info on admission criteria:

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  3. by   Jilaweez
    That's great, many more well deserving future nurses will get thier chance.