Is there a standard list of pre-recs for Bsn somewhere?

  1. Since I am planning on applying to a variety of programs I was wondering if any one knew of a source where I could find classes that would apply to any nursing program. For example my local college requires three different a and p classes for BSn they are all offered at my local community college but I want to the ones first that I know would be required at any school I apply to.
    I was planning to make a list of prospective schools and compare pre recs but I wondered if some one on here could point me towards additional resources.
    Thanks again for all the great advice you've given thus far. It helped me a lot in picking my classes for this up and coming semester and I don't feel like I am bumbling around in the dark as much!
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  3. by   jdmitchell
    Hey Destiny'skid:

    I'm not an expert and I don't have any links to share but I'm in a similar position: there are several schools I want to apply to and though there's a basic set of prereqs, some schools require something special. Here's what I've found in my experience:

    Definitely required:
    Anatomy (lab recommended, if not required)
    Physiology (lab recommended, if not required)
    Microbiology (lab recommended, if not required)
    Lifespan Development

    Usually required:

    Sometimes required:
    Intro to Biology (lab recommended, if not required)
    Intro to Chemistry (lab recommended, if not required)
    Intro to Psych
    Intro to Sociology

    I'd appreciate hearing from someone with more experience. Or if anyone has any online resources, lovely. (Though I think your best bet is to look up each school you want to apply to and make a list of all the prereqs each school requires. Some schools -- i.e. U Colorado Denver -- are specific about when you can take certain prereqs as well. Tricky, tricky.)
  4. by   Sweet charm
    I'm not sure what state you are in but google the school a 4 year school in your area and nursing and they usually have a pre reqs list that has equivalent classes. Most public 4 year universities in the same state have similar requirements
  5. by   maddiem
    Each school will have different requirements. To the first poster above, I've never known a school to accept A&P without a lab. So original poster, I would not take a science as without a lab. But most courses already include the lab in it though. For the program I'm applying to and other schools I've looked at, these are the general prerequisites:

    A&P 1 and 2
    Microbiology (Basic Biology may be a prerequisite for this course)
    General Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry (Not all schools require this class but a lot of the BSN programs in my area do)
    College Level Algebra
    General Psychology
    Lifespan Psychology

    And for a BSN program you will probably need to take some humanities courses to complete the gen ed requirements that the university requires for graduation.

    Contact your admissions advisor at you school to find out the specific requirements!