Is there a Faster way to become LPN?

  1. Hi, can someone please help me out ?
    I'm planning to apply to nursing school in order to become an LPN. I am currently taking about 2 out of 9 pre-req courses. It feels like I'm just wasting time right now while everyone is taking up "my nursing positions". My question is?? Is there anyway to speed things up a bit and how can I make my app look more appealing than the other applicants? Please HELP!

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  3. by   Devon Rex

    There is really no shortcut to becoming an LPN. The program is not that extensive, so just keep plugging away with your classes. If you want to make your application more attractive than others, consider getting trained as a CNA and get a job as a CNA (much shorter/faster education).

    Do not worry about people "taking up your positions". In life you will always find people ahead of you as well as behind you. Just work towards becoming the best nurse you can be. Things will fall into place for you at the right time!

    Good luck to you!